A systematic approach to value creation

Being able to identify the right assets in which to invest is crucial, but even more important is the ability to generate value from the very first day onwards.

Mediterrania Capital Partners’ value creation model is based on eight pillars combining principles of sound execution, bespoke strategies, governance, human capital best practices and strong company-wide processes.

Value Creation
Value Creation

With a hands-on approach to portfolio management, we seek to create value through our investments’ entire life cycle, maximising returns and minimising risks. We focus on value creation and ensure market and consumer support, seeking to boost long-term shareholder value with sustainable and socially responsible investments.

“We invest wisely and build trust relationships, putting value creation first so that our partners and investors share in our success.”

Albert Alsina, Founder and CEO

"Value Creation in Private Equity" by Albert Alsina

Value Creation in Private Equity, by Albert Alsina

The definite guide to creating value in business

An eight-step model for value creation that can be applied to any company in any country. Each chapter is illustrated with real-life cases that help the reader understand the different concepts. This book is for anyone—an employee, an investor, or an owner—who seeks to create value and improve performance in any business.

Foreword by Dr Josh Lerner, Economist and Investment Banking Professor at Harvard Business School.

Hard-Cover Book

Digital Format

“A real user manual. By applying Albert Alsina’s concepts, investors and entrepreneurs will be on the right track to achieve sustained business growth”

Carlos Tusquets, Executive Chairman and CEO
Trea Asset Management

“Albert presents a systematic model of value creation, with actual case studies that reveal how to add value to any company”

Josh Lerner, Economist and Investment Banking Professor at Harvard Business School