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“Accelerating digital transformation in private Education” – By Daniel Viñas, Partner at Mediterrania Capital Partners

October 2020; Africa Global Funds

The current economic contraction threatens the ability of African governments to invest in education at a time when it is most imperative. This will have long-term impacts on the future of Africa’s labor force, which needs the skills gained through a high-quality, relevant education if it is to adapt to a digitized, fast-changing, and global world of work.

In this context, the private sector can play a key role by supporting education institutions as they develop the technologies and framework needed to shape and improve the learning experience on the continent.

“Hoy lo que convence al inversor es el impacto directo creado en la comunidad africana sin sacrificar los retornos”- Albert Alsina, CEO

October 2020; Capital & Corporate Magazine

Con el 70% del tercer fondo invertido en 6 compañías, la gestora de private equity prevé lanzar en 2022 su cuarto vehículo de inversión en el entorno de los €400M. La gran motivación del equipo es el enfoque en temas de sostenibilidad y el impacto social y económico creado en las pymes africanas, gracias a su modelo sistemático y recurrente de creación de valor y a su fuerte presencia local.

COVID19 is ‘a natural filter for resilient businesses’ – CEO Mediterrania Capital Partners

25-09-2020; The Africa Report

Private equity investor Mediterrania Capital Partners (MCP) is considering investments in supermarkets, health and education as the impact of COVID-19 whittles down the list of financially strong candidates, CEO Albert Alsina tells The Africa Report.

Mediterrania Capital Partners: GSRD Partnership with Banque Zitouna

16-09-2020; Invest Africa

Tunis. Mediterrania Capital Partners, the Private Equity firm focused on growth investments for SMEs and mid-cap companies in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, announces the signing by its portfolio company Groupe Scolaire René Descartes of an agreement with Banque Zitouna to financially support families impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

PEI interview with Albert Alsina, Founder and CEO, Mediterrania Capital Partners – Spurring SME development in Africa

31-08-2020; Private Equity International

SMEs form the backbone of Africa’s economies but often lack access to funding for growth. Mediterrania Capital Partners’ Albert Alsina explains how private equity can address this issue.

AVCA Member profile – Interview with Rajaa Berrkia, Director of Sustainability, Mediterrania Capital Partners

25-08-2020; AVCA

AVCA speaks with Rajaa Berrkia, Director of Sustainability at Mediterrania Capital Partners, to learn more about the firm’s unique ESG and sustainability approach, as well as the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on ESG targets in the private equity industry in Africa.

Mediterrania Capital Partners-led consortium buys diagnostics network Metamed from Gulf Capital

31-05-2020; Enterprise

Ray Lab, which is owned by a consortium of investors led by Mediterrania Capital Partners, has acquired diagnostics imaging network MetaMed — which operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan — from Gulf Capital.The statement does not disclose the value of the transaction. The consortium includes Cairo Scan, Germany’s DEG, Dutch development bank FMO, France’s Proparco, and the EBRD

Mediterrania Capital renforce la résilience de ses entreprises au Maroc

19-05-2020; Le Matin

Face à la crise du Covid-19, Mediterrania Capital Partners a mis en place un groupe de travail dédié au suivi des besoins en fonds de roulement et au pilotage de la trésorerie des sociétés en portefeuille au Maroc. Ce groupe soutient les dirigeants sur le recouvrement clients, la gestion des comptes fournisseurs, l’optimisation de la supply chain ainsi que sur l’optimisation des coûts. L’objectif étant de les aider à surmonter la crise actuelle et concrétiser leurs plans de développement à long terme.

Mediterrania collects €286m for its third Africa-focused growth fund

21-04-2020; Private Equity News

Private equity firm Mediterrania Capital Partners has held a final close of its third Africa-focused growth fund at €286m. Launched in 2017, MCIII has surpassed its initial €250m target and is more than double the size of its predecessor, which closed at €120m in 2015. The fund, which is 60% committed, targets small and medium-sized companies in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Global Funds – Interview with Rajaa Berrkia, Director of Sustainability

April 2020; Africa Global Funds

AGF’s Anna Lyudvig speaks with Rajaa Berrkia, Sustainability Director, Mediterrania Capital Partners about trends around sustainable investing, the firm’s approach to sustainable investing as well as recent investments and achievements.