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How PE can help boost the Development of Fintech in Africa – Article by Albert Alsina

May 2019; Africa Global Funds
In a region where only a minority of the population has access to a bank account and SMEs struggle to get financial help from traditional banks, Albert Alsina explains how the PE industry is becoming a catalyst for the African Fintech ecosystem’s development, enabling large-scale banking and supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs in their expansion plans.

“A good company doesn’t necessarily mean a good deal.” – Interview with Albert Alsina, Founder and CEO, Mediterrania Capital Partners

April 2019; How we made it in Africa
In this interview, Albert Alsina, CEO and founder of Mediterrania, talks about the untapped opportunities for private equity investors in Africa and explains why a good company is not always a good deal.

“Morocco: A safe haven of PE in North Africa” – Interview with Hatim Ben Ahmed, Partner at Mediterrania Capital Partners

December 2018; Africa Global Funds
After the political and economic turmoil of recent years, Morocco has emerged as a safe haven for PE investments, attracting capital from abroad through its political stability and favourable business environment. Hatim Ben Ahmed, Partner at Mediterrania Capital Partners, explains the advantages of Morocco for the Private Equity sector.

“Las oportunidades del private equity para crear valor en África son inmensas” – Entrevista con Albert Alsina, Capital & Corporate Magazine

October 2018; Capital & Corporate Magazine
El private equity ha derribado en África una de sus últimas fronteras y uno de sus referentes más activos es español: Mediterrania Capital Partners. Tras 11 años aunando rentabilidad económica y social, cuenta ya con 19 participadas. Mientras ultima su tercer fondo de €250 millones, con el que ya ha realizado sus tres primeras inversiones, la gestora tiene otras tres salidas en marcha que sumarán un total de ocho desinversiones. Albert Alsina, CEO y fundador, explica a C&C los retos futuros de la gestora y el potencial del private equity en África.

“North Africa: Positioned to obtain high results” – Interview with Albert Alsina, by Private Equity International

September 2018; Private Equity International
Local knowledge and a clear diversification strategy are key to mitigating macro concerns in North Africa, says founder and CEO of Mediterrania Capital Partners Albert Alsina.

Mediterrania Capital Partners gana el Regional Investor Award por segundo año consecutivo en los prestigiosos Private Equity Africa Awards 2018

21-06-2018; Capital Riesgo
Mediterrania Capital Partners, la firma de capital privado enfocada en inversiones de crecimiento para PYMES en el norte de África y países subsaharianos, se complace en anunciar que ha ganado el Special Recognition – PE House of the Year – Regional Investor”en los prestigiosos Private Equity Africa Awards 2018. Este es el segundo año consecutivo en que Mediterrania Capital Partners lo gana.

Private Equity in Egypt – Article by Khaled Saba, Senior Country Advisor, Egypt

04-04-2018; Africa Global Funds
Article by Khaled Saba, Senior Country Advisor, Egypt / Mediterrania Capital Partners
Private Equity (PE) investments in Egypt saw a golden age in the years between 2005 and 2008 when a significant number of landmark PE investments and exits were executed. Read the full article.


Compagnie Financière Africaine (COFINA) finance sa croissance avec le soutien de Mediterrania Capital Partners

29-03-2018; La Minute.Info

Le Groupe Compagnie Financière Africaine (COFINA) (, première institution africaine de mésofinance, annonce la signature d’un partenariat stratégique avec Mediterrania Capital Partners (, fonds de capital-investissement privé dédié à la croissance des entreprises en Afrique. Cette prise de participation minoritaire, assortie d’une assistance technique, permettra au Groupe COFINA de lever jusqu’à 50 millions d’euros sous forme de capital et de dette au cours des trois prochaines années.

Afrique/PME: 50M€ contre la “fracture financière”

29-03-2018; Le Figaro

Cofina, une institution bancaire africaine va bénéficier d’un financement de 50 millions d’euros sur trois ans, destiné à la croissance des entreprises “exclus des circuits traditionnels” d’investissements en Afrique, a annoncé jeudi à Abidjan, son PDG, Jean-Luc Konan.

Finance : Mediterrania Capital Partners entre au capital de Cofina pour 20 millions d’euros

29-03-2018; Jeune Afrique

Cofina vient de lever 20 millions d’euros grâce à une prise de participation minoritaire de Mediterrania Capital Partners. Ce partenariat, assorti d’une assistance technique, permettra à la société de « mésofinance » de s’implanter dans quatre pays supplémentaires à l’horizon 2021.