Committed to sustainability

Value Creation goes beyond the financial and operational aspects of the investee company. It also involves improving the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors of a business, thereby focusing on both the internal policies and the external impact of an organisation.

ESG considerations have always formed an integral part of Mediterrania Capital Partners’ investment process and portfolio management, supporting and driving sustainable thinking and practices in the industry.

“Today we continue to enhance our responsible investment policies with a hands-on and serious approach towards ESG factors and sustainability.”
Albert Alsina, Founder, CEO and Managing Partner

Environmental conservation

Strategies to protect the environment are a reality today and their implementation is progressively spreading across the region. At Mediterrania Capital Partners we guide and support Partner Companies in the definition and implementation of policies towards environmental conservation such as pollution prevention, waste management, energy and fuel efficiencies, water resource management, natural resources conservation or sustainable land use.


Job creation and benefits

Through the Mediterrania Capital’s funds we focus on job creation and diversity and improving work conditions, ensuring a positive impact on local communities, and the health and welfare of employees. As investors, we guide Partner Companies on the definition and implementation of equal opportunity employment policies and secondary benefits programmes including health insurance, vacation pay, pension plans, etc.


Corporate governance

At Mediterrania Capital Partners we are committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Our Governance Framework is applied on our own policies and procedures and those of our Partner Companies providing rigour, consistency, accountability and transparency on the way business is conducted.