We invest wisely,
seeking both financial return
and social good

Through Mediterrania Capital Partners we support leading entrepreneurs with a vision for economic growth and social improvement and help them build world-class companies with the right foundations and ethical standards.

Before any investment decision, we carefully evaluate the following elements:

Industry sector

The chosen sectors must have an element of growth and we must be able to generate value thanks to our team know-how and network in that particular industry. We seek to have a social and environmental impact in the continent and support companies in sectors that are critical for the economic development of Africa.


We support companies located in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa countries that are seeking to consolidate their business locally and expand at a regional level. We focus our investments in countries characterised by consumption-driven economies, pro-business policies, rapid urbanisation trends, favourable demographics and growing consumer classes.

Business cycle stage

We invest in companies that are leaders in their sector, operating on a national or a regional scale, in a development or consolidation phase, and with a strong potential for significant revenue generation and ESG impact in their area of operations.

We invest between €10 and €35 million per project, considering the excellence of the human resources team, innovation of technology and products, potential for growth and value creation, experience and presence in the market.

Larger projects are done through co-investments of up €70 million per project.